Friday, March 30, 2012

"Word Game" Free Download

Welcome to Aunt B's.
My husband and I made up this game for children.  They really seem to like it.  I hope your children will too.
They especially enjoy it when 2 or more children (or you) do one with them.  They like comparing their word lists.  
This is just a word association game. 
 If I have the word pencil  I might associate it with the word write.  In this game however, we make a chain..... we keep going. 
 I now have to write a word to go with write ....So I am thinking about the word   letter .... mail .... stamp ...  and so on until you have filled in all the blanks in the chain.  You cannot, however, use the same word twice.  

I have some Word Chains in PDF for you to download.  I also included some blank chains for your children to make their own word chains.   Have fun with this.  It's a great way to learn.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Fun Links!

May the Lords bless you  today.
Here are some Easter links for you, all right here in one place.
Have fun with your little ones.  Enjoy Easter.
Aunt B loves you.

Easter Mini Book Color

Easter Mini Book (black and white )

Easter Coloring    There are religious pictures to color here as well
                             as rabbits, baskets, and eggs. You'll love these 
                             beautiful old time pictures.

Cute Bunny Mask  There is a printable pattern.  These could be 
                               done on foam sheets, or construction paper,
                               or just printed and colored by your child.

Easter Jokes and Riddles

Easter Online Games

Watch Easter Cartoons:

The Charlie Brown " Easter Beagle"

 4 Older Easter Cartoons  ( Tom and Jerry,     
                                            Disney-"Funny Little Bunnies," 
                                            Super Chicken, and Humpty Dumpty )

Bugs Bunny "Easter Yeggs"

Easter Is    (Very cute story teaching children the real meaning of  Easter)

Peter Cottontail  ( There is a commercial at the first of this one.)

Hope you enjoy these.  I love you.
Aunt B

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Communion: Free Download Friday on Thursday

Thank you for coming by today.
I am so blessed to bring you this download.

It's getting close to Easter.  
Many churches receive Communion on Easter Sunday.  
Some may even receive it several times during this time of year.  
Children may not have a good understanding of communion.
That is why I put together this little study.  I hope you and your child learn and benefit from this study.
May the Lord bless you.
Aunt B loves you.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Poem Writing Practice

Welcome once again!
I'm so glad you're here.

We have a couple of  "Spring " downloads for you today.
One is a writing practice book your children can make with the poem
 "Springtime Magic."
The next one is a printable Aunt B Book called "The Dandelion."

May the Lord bless you and your children.  
Have a wonderful weekend.
Aunt B loves you.

Springtime Magic

The Dandelion

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lamb Craft Free Download Friday

Welcome Friends!
It's March.  "In like a lion out like a lamb."   In celebration of Spring I have a Lamb Craft.
A lamb paper bag puppet,  with writing practice of the 
"Good Shepherd Jesus" poem.

There are little printable add on hats, flowers, and bows.  You can  make your little lamb a boy or a girl with the add on art provided .
May the Lord bless you.  Have fun with these. 
 Aunt B loves you.
                       Here is a picture of one I made below. Click on either picture to go to pattern.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank You

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Give a great big Aunt B welcome to: 
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"You are such a blessing."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day : Take Two

Please download this file again.

 I am so sorry the one I put on here yesterday had several mistakes.
I hope I have them all fixed.  Please download this file again.
Thank you so much,  Learners At Home 
for alerting me to this.  I so appreciate it.

There is a fact sheet on St Patrick, shamrock patterns, shamrock borders, and March spelling papers.
May the Lord richly bless you.
You are loved!
Aunt B