Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Fun Links!

May the Lords bless you  today.
Here are some Easter links for you, all right here in one place.
Have fun with your little ones.  Enjoy Easter.
Aunt B loves you.

Easter Mini Book Color

Easter Mini Book (black and white )

Easter Coloring    There are religious pictures to color here as well
                             as rabbits, baskets, and eggs. You'll love these 
                             beautiful old time pictures.

Cute Bunny Mask  There is a printable pattern.  These could be 
                               done on foam sheets, or construction paper,
                               or just printed and colored by your child.

Easter Jokes and Riddles

Easter Online Games

Watch Easter Cartoons:

The Charlie Brown " Easter Beagle"

 4 Older Easter Cartoons  ( Tom and Jerry,     
                                            Disney-"Funny Little Bunnies," 
                                            Super Chicken, and Humpty Dumpty )

Bugs Bunny "Easter Yeggs"

Easter Is    (Very cute story teaching children the real meaning of  Easter)

Peter Cottontail  ( There is a commercial at the first of this one.)

Hope you enjoy these.  I love you.
Aunt B

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