Friday, December 30, 2011

Cursive Writing Practice: Free Download Friday

A new year is nearly upon us.
The holidays will be over and  sometimes, it's hard to get the kids back into the swing of things.
I like to start off with easy, basic things for a few days. 
Get their brains oiled up, before jumping in full force.
I have made some " After Christmas Writing Fun"   for you.
These are really funny, especially if you put names and dates on them to be read later.  I've done this, and they are so cute.

God bless you, have a Happy New Year!
Aunt B


Brownie said...

I am so super excited that I found you! I really would like to print everything off now but Joslyn is not ready for that yet, she just turned 2. How do you figure out where to start? Do you use a certain method or curriculum? I really am so overwhelmed at this point.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aunt B.
We love cursive writing practice...