Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Good News for Christians

The Snacks for Aunt B

As I was doing my Christmas shopping this year. 
I stopped in at a "Fred's Super Dollar Store"
I purchased some snacks there.  
The brand name was Brim's.  
When we tried these chips, we were so surprised.  
They are really great tasting. 
We had our son and his wife try them.  
We told them where we bought them, and the price.
Which was $1.00, and a really good value.
Read the package,  
They are much better for you, than many other snacks
Anyway .... As we were sitting there discussing the snacks;
all at once my husband reads a familiar scripture.
He said, "It's right here on the bag."  
My son looked on his bag of chips.  
His bag had a different scripture printed on the back.
WOW!  We were thrilled.  
We had to look these people up online. 
I encourage you to visit their web site. 
You will be glad you did.
I also encourage you to buy Brim's Snacks. 
Let's support these good people.
I intend to purchase many more Brim snacks, in the future.

While you're there,
Be sure to click on the tab at the top which says
"Everlasting Life."
God Bless These People.

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Tammy said...

We tried them yesterday and they are not only cheap, but really good. The scriptures on the back were a blessing. Thanks for sharing!