Monday, October 10, 2011

Fire Safety For Homeschool

Sometimes we have to add special activities to our regular homeschool curriculum.  
One thing that does not need to be neglected is 
"Fire Safety"
Too often we take for granted 
that our  children know about fire safety.  
       It's a really good idea to go over 
            fire safety rules every year.
I have added the following links and   
                          activities for your convenience.            
                               Please  ...KEEP IT SAFE!

My Fire Safety Book
Very Good ... Fire Safety Activity Book
Another Good Activity  Book

Story of Smokey the Bear ( Really cute ... Includes printable book and stick puppets)
Smokey the Bear Video  ( This Video can also be downloaded to Real Player)
Smokey Coloring  Poster
Smokey Bear Partner Certificate (Color)
Smokey Bear Partner Certificate (black)
Fire Safety Tips
Fire Safety : Teachers Book and Worksheets With Answers
Hershey's Fire Safety Book for Children 40 Pages
Sparky's Safety Check List
Worksheets for older Children 6th Grade 45 Pages


The Busy World of Richard Scarry-Play it Safe - Too Hot! 
Sesame Street-The Twiddlebug's Smoke Detector 
Cooking Fire Safety: Keep Kids Away from Cooking Areas

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Wow! Thanks for posting such great, FREE resources!

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