Thursday, March 14, 2013

Printable Report Cards 2

It's near Homeschool testing time again.
Here are some printable  report cards for you, along with some testing sites and practice.
May the Lord bless your children with wonderful test scores.

Report Cards 

Seton Testing Service   At Seton you can order Homeschool tests and have your children take their tests in the comfort of  your own  home, with you as administrator.  Tests are 25.00 per student. Tests come with full instructions for teacher and student.  Tests are returned to Seton where they are graded and results sent back to you.  Most schools allow testing at home.  (You may or may not have to mail in the receipt for the test from Seton to your school.)
Many Printable Practice Tests   Many printable test practices and information booklets.
 I recommend that you read the information on each download since there are more than a thousand downloads on this site.
Math Mammoth End of  Year Test Practice Grades 1-6
Ohio Tests Grades 3-8
Tennessee Achievement Tests       Grades 3-8


Anonymous said...

Thank you Aunt B.
We don't have to test here in Indiana, but it is still good to test them on what they know & see where their weeknesses are.

Aunt B said...

I am so glad for you. I wish homeschoolers didn't have to test anywhere. These tests don't prove anything. I agree that testing your children at home is a good idea. It allows you, the teacher, to see where your child is strong or lacking. Most teachers at public schools hate these achievement tests.
They consider them a waste of time. It disrupts their regular studies. AND ... the teachers never get to see the results. They only see statistics. How can this help? It gives you national averages, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100 % I don't test my kids a lot except on Spelling and Social Studies. God bless.