Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honor God At Home School

   One precious thing about Home School is you can honor God and not be sent home.  You can pray, wear a shirt or hat with a Christian logo.  It's great!
   When I home schooled my son, we always began our day with a Bible story and prayer.  After our study and prayer, we would do different activities before we got into the "Hard Stuff" so he called it.  This gave us a time to kind of get our brains in gear for learning.
   As a home school mom who has taught her son all the way through 12th grade,  I can tell you the years I had teaching him were most precious.  I had the joy of  teaching my child to read.  I got to watch him grow as he entered new areas of learning.  Home Schooling  gave me the opportunity to be right there and see every new thing he learned, right when he learned it. I was there when he wrote his first essay, when he wrote his first sentence, when he took his first spelling test.  Oh, it was great!
   May God bless you in your Home School this year, and may it be a blessing.  My son has graduated.  I miss teaching him, so I started tutoring children through the summer and after school.
    I'm glad you're giving home school a chance.  You'll never regrett spending this time with your children.

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